Our Spirit Connects Us

How do you know when you’re on the right track?  I think you need to listen to your Spirit, that holy and divine essence that makes each of us move, but which over time and troubles can become encased in our shit!   Each of us has a small voice that speaks to us in subtle ways.  It’s the nudge that causes you to look to the side just in time to avoid an accident.  It’s the sense that you need to move or you’ll be bumped into by another person charging down the hallway.  It’s the image of a friend popping into your mind and then hearing a story about him, or seeing him pop up on facebook, or getting a phone call.  It’s the almost imperceptible pressure you sometimes feel when you’re alone or in deep thought, the sense that someone is there in the room with you while you’re alone.

I think if you learn to listen and be lead by the Spirit you begin to attract into your life the good and healthy things you need, answers to problems you’re struggling with, insights into challenges.  Today I had a chance encounter with a woman I’d known well 14 years ago.  I honestly hadn’t seen her in person for that many years.  But today as I pushed my grocery cart to my car I heard her voice and I turned knowing I was to see her.  My Spirit felt as though I’d had an appointment to meet her that moment and of course she would be there!  The 60 minutes we spent visiting and catching up covered the 14 years we’d been apart.  And it was perfectly clear to me that we were to have reconnected after all these years.

I counted my visit as a miracle.  Nothing short!  And I felt incredibly joyful and confident that a few of my questions and struggles had just been given some answers and direction.

I believe our Spirit is connected with everything in life. It’s the way I believe God designed us.   And it’s our Spirit that can keep us healthy.  Pay attention to changes in your body.  Pay attention to the nudgings that prompt you to call a doctor or speak with a friend.  Pay attention to chance meetings or random conversations you’re engaged in or overhear.  That’s God reaching out to you!

If we live each day in an awareness of our Spirit, then we’ll make the best choices for our lives, our families, and our health.  Listen for that still, small voice.  God is working in you!  Don’t miss Him!