So Does It Hurt Because It’s Cancer?

Hit a little bump in the road.  Last two days I’ve had a backache that’s been creeping further and further up my spine and across my hips.  I have significant cramping.  Too early in my cycle to be, you know, that. So I made an appointment with Patrick Vondereau,  the massage therapist I’ve known for nearly 30 years.  He got me in today.  Figured I’d try looking at soothing the pain before I jumped to scarier conclusions.  He hit the aching spots like they were highlighted on some mysterious roadmap he had access to.  My whole spirit calmed down.  So I figure the pain is simply “messed up” pain and not some lurking cancer.

But it started me thinking.  When I have my next headache, heavy period, bought of flu, or really, really shitty day, will I feel the feelings and see the events as what they most likely are and treat them accordingly?  Or will I treat them defensively in the hopes of eliminating another cancer?

Tis a puzzlement!