Hmmm. Side Effect?

Well I did a little more digging on the side effects of Tamoxifen. I’ve got an appointment scheduled with my family doctor later this morning. Going to have the “playground” checked out…if you know what I mean!

What started as an unexpected Saturday night sans enfants progressed into Saturday Night Fever shortly after arriving home from our dinner date! Now I’m fearful it’s turned into what could be an hilarious deleted scene from American Pie.

I learned that 50% of women taking Tamoxifen have vaginal discharge. Yep. There. I said it. But it’s not the cheesey, nasty yeast infection kind of thing. So it’s not a gross-you-out in-the bathroom discovery. But it does burn. And it’s only gotten worse. It makes me uncomfortable during the day and it interrupts my sleep at night. So I toss and turn and hit the bathroom and pray that I’ll feel better soon so I can fall back to sleep. But I also discovered that insomnia is a side effect in upwards of 20% of patients. So maybe it’s not the pain but a side effect of medication that wakes me at 1:30AM. Oh, and then there’s back pain in about 20% of women. Ya, that’s new in me, too! So I’ve got to figure out which of these three things are related to my prescription…and which might be related to our Saturday Night Live-liness in Da Sack! And which might just be the trials of getting older.

Don and I enjoy the physical parts of our marriage even when our kids are in the house. – Our lock, however, holds unlike Phil and Claire’s didn’t on a recent episode of Modern Family. – But when given an opportunity to get a night out without kids along OR back at the house upon our return, sex becomes a little more acrobatic. Oh, don’t go getting your panties in a wad! Sex is an important component to a happy, healthy marriage. Not to mention a sane and productive life! It’s a gift from God to be enjoyed and not wasted. Even during radiation Don and I found ways to enjoy each other. And I think that’s what made this past Saturday so much more fun. It was as much a celebration of having so much behind us as it was realizing we have so much ahead of us.

So I’m off to see my doctor here in Fort Wayne. Disgruntled because my hoo-ha feels like it’s on fire. Tired as a dog because I haven’t slept well the past two nights. Achy because my back is tied up in knots of pain. Hoping to avoid a trip to Indy for anything more serious. Looking ahead with confidence that this too shall pass.