Happy New Year!

Today, as much to say “good-bye” to a challenging year as to say “hello” to all the magic and opportunity that is hidden in 2011, I jumped into the pool and swam. Drilled through freestyle, breaststroke and backstroke. It sorta hurt. Didn’t even attempt butterfly. Maybe in a few more weeks.

My breast tugged in a way I wasn’t prepared for or had ever felt before. That was weird. My “girls” don’t float the way they used to. Or at least my left one doesn’t. The cool thing is that it’s definitely perkier than the right one in my speedo! I was told radiation wouldn’t make my breast hard. It would leave it feeling firm. Wasn’t quite sure what the difference between hard and firm was until today. In the water it’s firm. And that’s a very good thing! Wonder if I could just have the other one “boosted” a little to match the effect? All I’m gonna say about this is: I can’t wait to hit the beach this summer!

But what to do in the meantime? Continue to drink a gallon of water a day: 16 glasses! It’s really, really good for you. Continue to work out at the Y, log my miles and minutes, and prepare for the 2011 Indianapolis Mini Marathon. First one in 8 years. I’m excited. May 7! Ten days before my 50th birthday! I’m planning my son’s graduation party for June! I’m planning my 50th Birthday Bash for May…if you’re lucky you’ll be invited. And you’ll want to attend. It’s going to be a wonderful, glorious time!

So! This is the year I’ve always dreamed of living. And I will make my dreams come true. How about you?