Fifteen Days Later…A Good Life Continues!

So much has happened since December 15! I got to rest for 10 days before our family Christmas celebration. In that time I made drapes and shears for the “sharing room” in our home and placed and decorated five Christmas trees of various sizes. I even dedicated one tree as my “Pink Hope” Tree. Ya, guess what that theme was!

I baked dozens of holiday cookies and many more Christmas treats for family and friends. I completed my “Special Christmas Card” with handmade envelopes. Actually, to be completely honest, my amazing Amanda (that’s what I call her…you can, too!) was the creative force behind the card. She made my concept and design LIVE! I’ll soon have a link or something significant so you can all take a look at the card! Just a little “Surviving Breast Cancer Humor”. Those who’ve experienced the scare know what I’m talking about.

Getting ready to say “Hello!” to 2011. So much yet to do! I’m excited to be working with Amanda Morphew-Ulm on finalizing the whole site design. And I’m honored to get to work with some really amazing oncology nurses, doctors and surgeons to bring us information, comfort and healing in the years ahead.

Blessings to you and yours!